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Introducing the GANAAN F3 Fusion Pipe Chanter, our newest product line for 2024, that is now entering the final stages before full production. At GANAAN Highland Manufactures, we're thrilled to unveil the GANAAN F3 Fusion Pipe Chanter, marking a significant evolution in pipe chanters for pipers and pipe bands everywhere. After six months of meticulous research and testing, our engineers have carefully considered stability, material quality, durability, and, most importantly, sound production with its design. Our research and development team is confident that we have crafted the best product on the market with this new fusion of materials. Acetyl is...

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As we have previously announced, throughout 2024 we will be adding a variety of new products to the GANAAN line up. To start things off, we have the GANAAN Reed Protector that has just arrived in our online store on 10 April 2024 in a limited edition white color with only 21 available. Arriving on 1 May 2024 will be the GANAAN Reed Protector in black with a laser etched logo as shown below. The introductory price is $19.95 CAD compared to other similar reed protectors at $18.00 USD ($24.65 CAD). As always, we support our piping and drumming community...

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Over the past few years we have introduced a few new products designed for use with the bagpipes and drums. We entered the market in late 2017 with the GTR Drum Mount for use with the Andante Reactor drums, these are a bolt on item that allows the playing surface to be easily set for each player and can be used with almost any harness on the market. In 2018 we next brought to market the Terry Lee Reed Wizard © used for tuning pipe chanter reeds, extending the life and making reeds easier to play. We now offer them...

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