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Over the past few years we have introduced a few new products designed for use with the bagpipes and drums. We entered the market in late 2017 with the GTR Drum Mount for use with the Andante Reactor drums, these are a bolt on item that allows the playing surface to be easily set for each player and can be used with almost any harness on the market. In 2018 we next brought to market the Terry Lee Reed Wizard © used for tuning pipe chanter reeds, extending the life and making reeds easier to play. We now offer them...

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At GANAAN, the best compliment we can get is an amazing review from you after you have made a purchase.

What does a review do?

  • Your honest review helps customers just like you make informed decision on the products that we sell at GANAAN.
  • It also allows us to know that we are doing things right,
  • and continue to bring you new and exciting products.

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Just in time for the Holidays we have a selection of our MkII Practice Chanters available in a new color and its sure to be on every players wish list just in time for Christmas. Not only are we offering the same great sounding MkII Practice Chanter in a gloss red color, we've switched it up and the tone chamber and mouth piece are going to match the sole plate in polished aluminum instead of being anodized too. You also still have the option of 4 different sole plates depending on your budget. These new chanters are in the final...

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New for 2020 is the MkII Practice Chanter by GANAAN.

We have been hinting at it for the past few months and we are excited to announce today that the MkII Practice Chanter by GANAAN is here.

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