What's on the horizon for 2024

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What's on the horizon for 2024

Over the past few years we have introduced a few new products designed for use with the bagpipes and drums.

We entered the market in late 2017 with the GTR Drum Mount for use with the Andante Reactor drums, these are a bolt on item that allows the playing surface to be easily set for each player and can be used with almost any harness on the market.

In 2018 we next brought to market the Terry Lee Reed Wizard © used for tuning pipe chanter reeds, extending the life and making reeds easier to play. We now offer them in 3 colors to chose from. These continue to be the go to tool for making adjustments to your pipe chanter reeds by adjusting the staple. What they can also be used for is scraping the reeds to make hard reeds easier to play. The bar is made from tool steel that has been heat treated and hardened. This means you can create a sharp 90 degree corner on the rectangular bar allow it to be used like a scrapper.

In 2019, our design team introduced the GANAAN MKII Practice Chanter. These are the only practice chanter on the market that are made entirely from Aluminum. We incorporated some unique features in our practice chanter with o-rings, a water trap and the only bottom hand thumb locating mark found on a practice chanter into our design. They have been available in 3 color options with either a plain or engraved sole.

What's to come...

We have already announced the newest product coming to market with the GANAAN Fusion F3 Pipe Chanter being made from carbon fiber, kevlar and aluminum. These will be available in a variety of colors to start with black, red and blue twill weaves. These are expected to be available in May 2024 with pre-orders available now at sales@ganaan.ca

In the coming weeks we will have two more products being launched with the GANAAN Reed Protector for pipe chanters and the GANAAN Desiccant Pod for use in your pipe box. Both of these products are in the final stages of manufacturing now and will be available on our website very soon.

The GANAAN Desiccant Pod with come with reusable desiccant and is designed to be used in combination with a moister system in your pipe box. This allows for your bagpipes to absorb moister from the source and the desiccant to control how much moister there is in your pipe case. This will help to reduce the formation of mold in your pipe case and on your reeds when they are being stored.

Our biggest news is Project Phoenix...

GANAAN has been developing the newest digital practice chanter with some of the most advanced features available. Since October 2023 our design engineers have been working on the electronics and the mechanical engineers have been working on the form factor. We are developing this new digital practice chanter from the ground up and it will be including TFT Touchscreen, Internal Speaker, Bluetooth, Wifi, USB and more... more details about Project Phoenix will be available in the coming months.

The anticipated release date for the GANAAN Digital Pipe Chanter will be first quarter 2025.

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