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At GANAAN, the best compliment we can get is an amazing review from you after you have made a purchase.

What does a review do?

  • Your honest review helps customers just like you make informed decision on the products that we sell at GANAAN.
  • It also allows us to know that we are doing things right,
  • and continue to bring you new and exciting products.

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GANAAN has spent time investigating different reeds for use with our MkII Practice Chanter. Today, we are recommending the Frazor Warnock Red Practice Chanter Reed to give you the best sound with the minimum effort when setting up our chanters. All new orders will ship with the Frazor Warnock reed and for those already playing a GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter you can now order a replacement reed directly from us. You can find the Frazor Warnock Red Practice Chanter Reed here.

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