GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter

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Please note:

As of November 19, 2021 we have a supply chain issue and do not have engraved sole plates for the Grey/Pewter chanter at this time. Plain sole plates for the Grey/Pewter chanter are available. We are working on a resolution to the problem. You are able to order Red chanters with plain and engraved sole plates.

As of September 1, 2021 the GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter in clear finish (silver color) is currently unavailable. If you wish to add your name to our list for this color please contact

Alastair Lee playing the Red GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter

Alastair Lee playing the Grey/Pewter GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter

New for November 2021, the Red practice chanter comes in a high gloss deep red anodized body with polished tone chamber and top to match the sole plate.

New for 2020, is the GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter

The GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter is made entirely from T6061-T6 Aluminum to ensure a long life with and a warm, rich sound. The chanter features a oversize, deep reed seat to give more options in tuning with the greater variety of reeds on the market.

Our unique features of the GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter include: an internal water trap, two dual o-ring systems and bottom hand thumb reference point.

The internal water trap will reduce the amount of moisture getting to the chanter reed by allowing it to collect in the upper air chamber, which can then be emptied by either turning it upside down or taking the mouth piece off.

The GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter now ships with a Frazer Warnock red practice chanter reed. Replacements are available in our store.

The tuning chamber and the upper air chamber are both sealed using dual o-rings rather than hemp. With enough care the o-rings will easily last 25 years or more, saving the player money by not having to re-hemp the joints frequently.

To aid with achieving the best bottom hand placement, the GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter has a landmark added to allow the beginner player to keep their thumb in the optimum playing position. The landmark is small enough that even experienced players will benefit from it without even realizing they have changed their thumbs position.

The GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter has the option of either a plain sole or 1 of 3 engraved soles with patterns created specifically for our chanter by David Davidse of Truehand Engraving.

The GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter has been polished to a mirror like finish before being anodized. Note, that the anodized finish reduces the luster closer to a mat finish.

The GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter is currently anodized in two options of either Clear or Grey/Pewter to help reduce the chance of scratches over its lifetime. Its then laser etched with our company name and logo and every chanter has a unique serial number located on the body and tone chamber.

All GANAAN MkII Practice Chanters come in a navy blue velvet drawstring bag which is silk lined for storage when not in use and to protect your investment.

The GANAAN MkII Practice Chanters comes with a limited life time warranty for workmanship and materials.

Have a listen to the GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter on YouTube.

You will surely enjoy playing the GANAAN MkII Practice Chanters for a life time... if not longer.

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