GANAAN Humidapod Mini ©

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The GANAAN Humidapod Mini © is designed to remove excess moisture from your pipe case when your pipes are not in use. The reusable desiccant can be recharged many times before it needs to be replaced. The color changing Silica beads change color when recharged and change from blue (saturated) to pink (dry) allowing them to once again do their job. 

Normal Use - the GANAAN Humidapod Mini © has been pre-loaded with enough desiccant to allow moisture to enter from each end with the cap screwed on normally.

The GANAAN Humidapod Mini © comings with a detailed instruction sheet explaining it's complete use and how to recharge the desiccant properly. It's important that the instructions be followed completely during normal use in order to prevent too much moisture from being removed from your pipe case.

The GANAAN Humidapod Mini © is 2 inches in diameter by 3 inches long with one end that unscrews to access the desiccant. Both ends have 36 small holes in each end to allow moisture to enter. The pod will also be laser etched with GANAAN logo and product name as shown in the first image.

Additionally, the GANAAN Humidapod Mini © can be used inside your pipe bag to remove excess moisture directed towards your reeds while you are playing. Complete instructions for use inside your bagpipes are fold on the instruction sheet. It is recommended that 2 GANAAN Humidapod Mini © be used for best results when used inside your bagpipes.