GANAAN Flapper Valve for MkII Goose

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The GANAAN Flapper Valve for MkII Goose uses Smooth-On PMC770 with a Shore 70A rating, industrial liquid rubber product. The hardness of this rating is equal to rubber used on soles of running shoes.

Improvements to the value include:

  • a wider connecting tongue (almost 3 times wider) and
  • slightly thicker valve. (approx 0.015")
  • comes in a variety of colors (determined in manufacturing process).

These will ensure a longer life of the product.

The color has no effect on the product and is only set to distinguish our flapper values apart from other products.

Available individually or in 3 or 5 packs.

This item is designed specifically for GANAAN MkII Goose System and will not work with other systems.