3D Printing

Rapid prototying is a fast growing market and at GANAAN we are on the cutting edge and have the ability to bring your dreams to reality before spending a ton of money on your product only to find out that changes need to be made.

Using a Folgertech FT-5 printer we are able to print your parts in PLA or ABS material so you can get a feel for what your making before going to production.

Folgertech FT-5

If you already have cad files made all we will need is the stl files in order to print your parts for prototyping. We are able to print parts as large as 12" x 12" x 15.5" tall. Larger parts can be printed but will need to be sectioned to fit into the envelope of the printer.

If you only have an idea of what you want, our design team can work with you to bring your idea to reality.

Contact sales@ganaan.ca for a quote.