GANAAN GTR Drum Mount for Andante Reactor

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GANAAN GTR Drum Mount for Andante Reactor

Its finally here... the GANAAN GTR Drum Mount for Andante Reactor has been going through engineering design and manufacturing processes for almost 18 months to ensure the best rotation and tilt drum mount on the market meets all the expectations that a drummer of any caliber can rely on.

The best part is that the GTR Drum Mount can be retrofitted for use with almost any harness on the market today. You can take advantage of the tilt and rotation right away.

You will need to drill two holes in your existing harness to accept the M12 bolts (10 mm and 8 mm button head) that are used to connect the mounting plate to the harness. Don't worry about the bolt size, an M12 can carry all the weight of the drum and more... its capable of 70,000 lbs of shear capability in each bolt.

With 25 degrees of rotation each direction you can easily setup the entire drum corp to the same rotation angle with the indexing lines on the mounting plate and rotator block. This gives you up to 7.5 degrees of tilt... that's more than 2 1/2 inches of drop at the outer edge of the drum.

This is achieved by a replaceable tilt block that comes in 4 different angles to choose from, 0, 2.5, 5.0 and 7.5 degrees. Changing the angle block can be done in under a minute by the 2 socket head cap bolts.

No need for extra wrenches though, the angle block bolts are the same size as the tension ring bolts on the Andante Reactor drum and use a 5 mm alan key.

The drum mounting plate has been designed specifically for use with the Andante Reactor drum and matches the tension ring bolt pattern precisely. You remove 3 of the tension ring bolts and replace them with the longer ones provided.

The Andante tension ring has diamond inserts, by removing 3 inserts the replacement bolts slip right through the tension ring and thread into the GTR Drum Mounting plate. If you ever need to switch back or if selling your drum, 3 diamond inserts can be threaded back into the tension ring bringing it back to the way it was.

Every part we make is made to last, the Spectrual Hard Coat Colour Anodizing gives it a great finish and a unique look. Every part also was the part number and unique serial number laser etched onto it. We will be able to track what batch parts came from should there ever be a problem.

And the best part... not only does this GTR Drum Mounting System work on existing harnesses, it mounts flawlessly on the GANAAN GMax Harness and and future harness we come out with.