Reed Wizard ©

Reed Wizard ©

We have been hinting at this new product for the past several weeks and it has finally arrived. The Reed Wizard © is available at

The design of the Reed Wizard © tool is based on a reed mandrel hand-made for Terry Lee by his piping teacher, James MacMillan. Over the years, Terry relied on this tool for reed manipulation with the SFU Pipe Band.

The Reed Wizard © is made from T6061-T6 aircraft aluminum for the handle and cover, this makes it light weight and strong. It is the anodized in a variety of colors and laser etched with Terry Lee's name and Reed Wizard © easily identifying the tool.

Terry approached us with the design idea for a new tool for pipers, the Reed Wizard © tool design was born with some improvements allowing for safe storage and long life. It is now being produced by GANAAN Highland Manufacturing.

The Reed Wizard © allows for the easy manipulation of the staple in the pipe chanter reed. It allows the user to make adjustments to the staple prolonging the life of a pipe chanter reed while at the same time improving the sound.

The Reed Wizard © handle and cover are both machined from T6061-T6 aluminum, while the mandrel incorporates a double bevel design made from O1 tool steel which is then heat treated, quenched and tempered insuring strength, durability and longevity.

The mandrel is as hard as a high-end knife yet flexible enough to apply torque to it to open the staple up allowing you to match your reeds easily.

The Reed Wizard © is then anodized and laser etched providing a brilliant finish in red. There are a variety of other colors available by special order including green, blue, orange, gold, purple and black (grey).

Each Reed Wizard © comes packaged in a shipping box along with an insert on safety precautions for its care and use. Each box is then sealed on each end with a clear retail package seal.

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