Paracord 550 product line

Paracord 550, Zipper Pulls -

Paracord 550 product line

New for 2022, GANAAN is introducing a line of Paracord 550 products.

Starting things off is the Paracord Zipper Pulls to give your pipe case, jacket or anything with a zipper that distinctive look and show your personal style. They are available now for purchase.

Zipper Pulls allow for easier access to zipped pockets. The GANAAN Paracord Zipper Pulls are available in a variety of colors to begin with:

  • Black (with reflective stripe),
  • Blue (with reflective stripe),
  • Orange (with reflective stripe),
  • ACU and
  • Lime Green.

We have access to dozens of colors to choose from. Have a color you would specifically like, we can get it for you.

GANAAN Paracord 550 product line are made from Paracord 550, the most popular variety because it offers a great balance of strength and flexibility.

  • certified type III nylon paracord
  • 550 lb tensile strength
  • 4 mm (5/32") diameter
  • 7 strand core

Coming soon:

Drone Cords made entirely from Paracord 550, with loops designed in place for drones spaced at 8 inches apart (the thumb to pinky average spacing rule). Custom spacing available by special order. Minimum quantities will be required for special orders

Key Chains made entirely from Paracord 550, there will be a variety of styles, ring color and size options, non load bearing carabiner style and color option. Also available will be options for specific designs, length, colors and attachments. Minimum quantities will be required for special orders.

Watch for more options coming soon...

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