GMAX Harness

GMAX Harness

The GMAX harness is engineered using a 3K Carbon-Kevlar material and comes in a 2x2 twill weave pattern. This makes for superior strength and a harness that is so light you hardly know you have it on.

Designed with a wider range of body sizes in mind and taking into consideration the female form, the GMAX Harness gives the player a wider range of adjustment options. Being split across the top of the shoulders on the upper harness this design allows the player to easily adjust for different shoulder widths.

The harness is adjustable in length by the 2 hand knobs in the center allowing for up to 8" of length adjustment. The GMAX harness fits tightly to the body by the adjustable straps that connect on each side of the lower harness with ITW Classic Buckles.

Finally for comfort the harness is lined with a high density foam. The GTR-Andante drum mount is GANAAN's innovative new design engineered for use with the Andante Reactor side drum. 

Cast from 356 Aluminum and machined to precise standards then anodized and laser etched, the GTR-AND allows for 25 degrees of rotation each side of center and up to 7.5 degrees of tilt, or 2.5" of drop on the front edge of the drum by one of 4 tilt blocks. 

The GMAX harness is available in 2 colors, Red and Blue woven pattern and GTR-Andante drum mount in Spectral Hard Coat Anodizing Black, it is sure to give you or your band that extra style you are looking for.

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