GANAAN Tuning Blocks

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GANAAN Tuning Blocks

Our engineering department looked at what tuning blocks do and came up with some solutions to common problems. The main problem identified was how much of the setting surface can be used.

With a couple of refinements in design we are able to achieve 35% more surface area being in contact with the drum rims. This gives the drummer the ability to achieve a better and more consistent set on every bolt.

Our manufacturing process allows us to create any combination of colors and opacity (how much light can be seen through the tuning block) allowing every drummer to choose the tuning block that matches their personality the best. We even have the option for glow in the dark tuning blocks.

Our tuning blocks are made from a medium density resin with a compressive strength of over 3000 psi, so there is not need to worry about over tightening the bolts on the tuning block.

Our tuning blocks are designed for use with the Andante Reactor side drum but should work well with our manufacturers drums.

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