GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter

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GANAAN MkII Practice Chanter

New for 2020 is the MkII Practice Chanter by GANAAN.

We have been hinting at it for the past few months and we are excited to announce today that the MkII Practice Chanter by GANAAN is here.

The MkII Practice Chanter is made entirely from T6061-T6 Aluminum giving the chanter exceptionally long life.

Our chanters include:

  • two, dual oring systems eliminating the need of ever having to re-hemp joints again,
  • an internal water trap that reduces the amount of moisture getting to the reed.
  • an oversize reed seat allowing for more options in reed tuning.
  • and a bottom hand thumb landmark to better reference where the thumb should be located.

Every chanter comes with a sole plate, we currently have 4 options available from polished plain, or 3 engraved options created by David Davidse of Truehand Engraving.

Quality in manufacturing is what we strive for and with that, every MkII Practice Chanter has a serial number that you can register with us for a limited life time warranty in workmanship and materials.

Finally, every MkII Practice Chanter comes in a navy blue velvet bag with silk liner to protect your investment when its not in use.

Check out the options available for the MkII Practice Chanter by GANAAN when orders go live on March 15th, 2020

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